Meet Rosy Molina

Rosy Molina-Casas is originally from Mexico and has been living in the USA for 17 years. As an immigrant to this country, Rosy understood the importance of learning how to adapt to a “new world” including the language and culture. After working in the educational realm with children and their families from different countries for 9 years, Rosy realized that one of the most important things in life was to learn as much as she could about diversity. This brought her to begin searching for more opportunities to connect with people and her passion for helping others.

Rosy discovered that Libertad Real Estate provided her with the right tools to develop not only a new career for herself, but also a platform where she could help others to accomplish their dreams. At Libertad Real Estate, Rosy is able to provide real estate representation to both domestic and foreign buyers/sellers to maximize client investment opportunities.

Rosy is a vital part of the Libertad team. Her knowledge of the residential and commercial real estate market coupled with a strategic marketing plan have a proven track record of success.

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