Meet Mayra Arteaga

Mayra Arteaga was born in the state of California, but has lived in Indiana since she was 3 years old. Her parents chose to move to Indiana from California because here they would be able to achieve the American dream of home ownership. Now, 20 years later not only do they have their own home, they also have several rental properties. That is why Mayra is a Latina with a Hoosier accent and a passion for Real Estate.

Since 2007 she has had the opportunity to assist many families who are in the midst of the important and complicated process of buying a home. She has written many offers, attended dozens of home inspections, and has toured hundreds of properties in the area. She has gained the necessary experience to guide her clients through a pain free process. After all buying a home should be one of the most memorable moments in life.

Mayra also had the opportunity to work in Commercial Real Estate. In 2009 she received a call from a business owner who wanted her to find him the perfect location for his next Mexican Supermarket. She had no experience working with commercial clients, but she found many mentors that helped her through that process. She was able to find him the perfect location and close the deal. From that moment on Mayra has enjoyed helping many clients start or expand their business.

Whether you are considering buying a home, selling your existing home, or starting or expanding your business, let Mayra provide you with the exceptional service you deserve!

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